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“The mountain doctor” as a patient at the “Young doctors’

“Bergdoktor” meets the “Young Doctors”, the ZDF ratings hit with up to 7 million viewers successful evening series in the First :.


In photo: The actress Maike Bollow (as Hannah Berger, M.) and Philipp Danne (. Ben Ahlbeck, r) could this week their colleagues Heike Ruprecht, known from the ZDF “country doctor”, as a guest at the “young doctors” in Erfurt welcome. Photo: private
Erfurt.This week, actor Heiko Ruprecht, of the Hans Gruber plays in “Bergdoktor” in “In aller Freundschaft – The young doctors” a guest.
He mimed a patient who is involved in an accident and therefore treated in Johannes-Thal-Klinikum. will be to see the episode with him, however, until the autumn. The since January 2015 broadcast ARD evening series can boast long, to be an attractive hunting ground for famous actors like Suzan Anbeh and Marion Kracht. l Thursdays, 18:50

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