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Wild youth team: Dane-handball players celebrate victory – nackert!

After a victory celebrating in the shower is best. The thought is also the girls from the Danish Handball Club Frederiksberg IF

Munich -. Blank draw for the cup! Thus one could describe the women of Danish handball clubs Frederiksberg IF the action. After the team had recovered from the step G19 international handball Cup in Verl, the players of the team posteten a bold image on Instagram.

the young girls posing together with the trophy in the shower – and completely naked. But that’s not all: Instead of a private souvenir photos landed the snapshot via Instagram on the net

The image was released with less filtering by a teammate on the Internet. 

“This is too hot for handball.”

The international press like the picture. So the headline in the English newspaper “The Sun”: “It’s too hot for handball.” Even our colleagues from the “New York Post” liked the spontaneous Nackedei action of handball players. “Congratulations, it’s a new favorite handball team!”.

On the Internet, the image has been well received. So wrote one user: “I would have liked the photographer”. Another would have these items obviously not enough: “… I still much prefer the trophy …..”

Mistakenly had first decide on the “Sun”, the “New York Post” and the AZ reported that it is in the photo to the women from the Danish club Holstebro celebrating their third European Cup.

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